Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Favorite Words

For some reason, when Dorian learned (his version of) the sign for "please," he kind of got the "p" sound, but also started associating an extra syllable with it, and it became "dapa." Although I think it probably means something more like "gimme!" but we like to think he's being polite.

This video also demonstrates his mastery of the sign for "more," which probably means something close to "dapa," but is used more specifically in reference to food that he wants.


Kelley said...

Cute kid! We recently started using sign language with Rachel, but I have to prompt her to sign "more." If I ask her a question, she nods and says "yesh," which I guess is the point of "more" anyway. :)

That "dapa" is adorable!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Carolfrog said...

Blogspot needs to get a "Like" button. :) It's just that I think this is cute, but I don't really have a good comment. :)

Cindy said...

Jackson and Eddie used to say, "psoon" and "psider" for spoon and spider--and pretty much anything else that started with an s and p. It was like they could visualize the letters but got them backwards. Weird. But it was before they could read or even knew letters. I wonder how they got those sounds. I wish we could ask Uncle Rob.