Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I Did This Summer

To make up for not blogging all summer, I have been inspired by my sister-in-law Cindy to write my summer essay. But since I'm not being graded on my essay form, I'm gonna do it in a list. So, here is what I did this summer:
  • Pulled all the weeds in the backyard
  • Tilled the backyard (okay, I picked up rocks while Russell and some others did the tilling)
  • Put a dump truck in the lawn
  • Got a new camera--I'm gonna go ahead and use this as my excuse for not blogging, since Russell has been uploading all the pictures to his computer, and I no longer have easy access to them...
  • Planted some trees (yeah, had to dig out this old concrete canal first)
  • Planted some strawberries
  • Went to Ginelle's high school graduation
  • Went to St. George with some good friends
  • Welcomed Lorinda's new baby Lyndee
  • Went to Hawaii for my parents' 50th anniversary
    Post PCC
  • Celebrated Dorian's 2nd birthday (hmmm....pics on Russell's computer)
  • Pulled the backyard weeds again
  • Neglected the front yard
  • Taught some piano lessons
  • Played at the park
  • Blogged on my piano teaching blog
  • Played at the swimming pool
  • Went to the petting zoo
  • Got huge (I don't even think we have any pictures of this)
  • Sat and watched while Russell dug some trenches in our rock-hard dirt
  • Tried to help finish digging trenches with a trowel
  • Tried to keep Dorian from filling the trenches back in as fast as I could scoop the dirt out
  • Killed the AC in my car
  • Pulled about a zillion rocks out of my backyard (this picture was taken early in the process...)
  • Got the AC in my car fixed! (oh my gosh I love Jim's Auto)
  • Went to Russell's 10-year high school reunion (I stole a pic from a friend's blog, but I am trying to upload 113 photos to Walgreens right now, so it isn't uploading...besides the fact that I should probably ask permission before using it...Ashley?)
  • Let the strawberries die
  • Kept the trees alive
  • Let my father-in-law engineer and build our whole sprinkler system
  • Bought a mattress for Dorian
So, that about covers it. There seems to be an end in sight to the backyard project, and we are hoping to get the sod in within the next...month...or so. We're also excited about Dorian's new bed, which is out of stock. And we need to decide where that new baby is going to sleep. Oh, and also what to name him.