Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leaving the House

I know, moms with 3 or more kids do this every day. They get themselves ready, get everyone else ready, pack everyone (and everything) into the car, and leave the house. They get things done, like grocery shopping and dentist appointments.
Sweetest baby ever?
I haven't graduated to that level yet. All I had to do was take baby Dexter to the hospital for a little blood test. I didn't even have to take Dorian with me; he was going to play at Grandma's house (yay for grandmas).
Grandpa John and Dexter
But it went something like this: Wake up at 8 a.m. (wow, this baby is a good sleeper! and Russell kept Dorian occupied even though he was up at 6:45 (yay for husbands)). Feed the sweetest baby ever. Put him down for a nap. Pick him back up again because he is starting to want to be rocked to sleep, instead of sort of being in a constant state of sleep. Put him back down once he is really asleep. Pick him up and rock him one more time, this time getting the bubble out of his tummy. Put him back down.
Evan and Dexter
Notice that it is 9:30 a.m. and think, I can still get in the shower and be ready by 10 (ha). Call Grandma and tell her to come get Dorian at 10. Take a quick shower. Get out of the shower and remember that Dorian doesn't feed or dress himself. And he needs some train tracks built. Play with Dorian. Meet Grandma at the door and hand her the baby so you can actually get Dorian dressed. See them out the door. Realize that the baby is hungry.
Ashley and Dexter
Feed the baby. Change his diaper. Decide to take him outside for a few minutes of sunshine before getting him dressed. Remember that you haven't packed a diaper bag for this little one, and you sent your other diaper bag with the big one. Spend a moment in thought over the logistics of carrying two diaper bags. And a purse. Pack a diaper bag. Pack the baby in the carseat (these straps don't pull tight enough? help!). Realize that you're still not wearing any makeup, and now your hair has dried without being styled. Forget the hair, do the makeup. Get in the car and pull out of the driveway. At 11:15. Really?
Mom and Dexter
I had gotten into a routine with Dorian where I always gave myself 15 extra minutes just to get into the car after I had everything else ready, because somehow between brushing teeth and spiking hair and convincing a toddler to move, it usually took about that much extra time. So now what, I have to give myself an extra hour and 15 minutes? And people do this with more kids? I think I'll stay home for a while. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christmas Wish List

I'm putting this on my blog so my family can see it, but if any of the rest of you want to buy us stuff, go right ahead!


  • clothes (jeans that fit...why is this on my list every year?, sweaters, hoodies, long shirts, socks)
  • lotions (coconut lime verbena, midnight pomegranate, white citrus)
  • candles (yummy fall/christmas flavors, or light fruity summer scents)
  • books
  • iTunes gift card
  • rice bag
Russell Dorian
  • shoes (toddler size 7)
  • books
  • DVDs (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Meet the Robinsons, Up, Lilo and Stitch, Emperor's New Groove, Kung Fu Panda, Over the Hedge, Chicken Run...ok, I'm getting carried away)
  • cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes
  • clothes?
  • books?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot

We decided to go ahead and take some maternity pictures, since I'm having a baby in two and a half days and today was pretty much our last chance. Plus Russell is excited about his new photography equipment. Russell took all the other pictures, but I took this one. Handsome little guy, no?