Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christmas Wish List

I'm putting this on my blog so my family can see it, but if any of the rest of you want to buy us stuff, go right ahead!


  • clothes (jeans that fit...why is this on my list every year?, sweaters, hoodies, long shirts, socks)
  • lotions (coconut lime verbena, midnight pomegranate, white citrus)
  • candles (yummy fall/christmas flavors, or light fruity summer scents)
  • books
  • iTunes gift card
  • rice bag
Russell Dorian
  • shoes (toddler size 7)
  • books
  • DVDs (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Meet the Robinsons, Up, Lilo and Stitch, Emperor's New Groove, Kung Fu Panda, Over the Hedge, Chicken Run...ok, I'm getting carried away)
  • cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes
  • clothes?
  • books?


Brooke said...

What are these jeans that fit that you speak of?

Amy said...

Yeah, I've not heard of jeans that fit.

Quiltgirl said...

I love your friends, Bon. I wish i could buy all this stuff for you. i just got a super cute zipper hoodie from costco. while i'm typing it just got baby burple all over it.

laurine said...

why is Russell's BMW not listed anymore?