Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, here is the promised video.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We went to Texas last week to visit Randy, Kayla, Will, and Jack. Randy is Russell's cousin, and when they lived in Utah we used to hang out with them almost weekly. Russell and Randy had grown up as good friends, so when Randy and Kayla went to Texas for law school, Russell and I decided we would like to visit them once a year so that our kids can know each other and hopefully be good friends. When Kayla and I had our babies one day apart, that clinched it. We had to go see that new baby. We were a little nervous about the plane ride with a 6-week old, but Dorian was great for the whole flight. Here they are! "Baby Dor" and "Baby Jack," as Will calls them. Playing together already.
Dorian, Jack, and Will. This was one of the few times when all 3 kids were happy, and no one was crying. We thought we had better capture the moment. Randy made us these awesome steaks for dinner on Sunday. Russell's was as big as his plate.

We decided to eat out on the porch of the Mexican restaurant we went to, to avoid a long wait for dinner. This frog decided to join us. Next time we'll eat inside.

Kayla and I spent a lot of time like this, since neither baby wanted to keep sleeping if we put him down. Who wants to put down such a sweet baby anyway?

Dorian liked his new friends. I'll post a video of our failed beach attempt, if I can figure out how. Next year I think we will try to make our visit when it's not hurricane season. Is there a time of year when it's not humid in Houston?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Growing up so fast

July 20th, 3 weeks old. Dorian wasn't super happy about the photo with mom. But he had more hair then. :) July 21st. There's my happy baby. July 23rd. Don't worry, he sleeps on his back. But he falls asleep like this after he eats. He's a little narcoleptic, but the sweetest thing in the world. July 27th, 4 weeks old. Playing with his bear on the blanket Hannah made him. August 1st. Astonished face. I don't know what is up with his hand. August 3rd, 5 weeks old. Sad face. He looks like Carol.