Friday, April 30, 2010

Parking Lot

So, the space between the groups of 2 and 3 black keys on the piano turns out to be the perfect size for parking cars! This is a common sight at our house: He loves cars and he loves to crash (currently pronounced "prash") them. He was pretty upset, though, when he discovered that his Lightning McQueen was too big to fit between the keys. :)

P.S. I guess I'm kind of weird about announcements. That, and I wanted to see if anyone was really reading my blog anymore. :) But yeah, I'm due October 19th. I think it's a girl, because this pregnancy has so far been really nice. I've been a little sick, but nothing like last time. I could maybe even do this again!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We braved the rain and the cold to go to the Spanish Fork Easter Egg Hunt on April 3rd. So did about 1000 other people, but I was really impressed at how well organized it was. They had a separate field just for kids 2 and under, so Dorian didn't get trampled by any bigger kids. This is right when we got there, before he really knew what was going on. We successfully explained to him that he was going to go pick up eggs on the field, but he didn't understand why he couldn't do it right NOW. Poor kiddo. He was in tears before they could finish counting down. (On another note, when I look at pictures of myself lately, I think I understand why people always guess that I'm pregnant before I tell face gets so soft and round...)

And he's finally off! Examining his egg (notice the Anakin tattoo on his hand...) I wish this picture weren't blurry. I was trying to capture the way he kept trying to give his eggs to the other kids. (Which the other parents always made them give back....isn't the etiquette between parents regarding their kids' behavior a little weird and stressful? It's like we tell our kids to share, but no, don't take that little boy's egg...everyone's so worried about doing it wrong...) Okay, so this turned out to be kind of fun... Yes! Candy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

um...have you seen my camera cord?

Next time we need someone to get the TV working at my parents' house, I'll just put Dorian on the job.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dorian and his blanket

Dorian loves this blanket that my piano student Hannah made for him. He even likes to be tucked in on the stairs (don't worry--he doesn't sleep there...he's a crib-only kind of sleeper). In other news, I have been asked to contribute to a new blog for piano teachers. I know a few of you fall into that category, so I thought I'd mention it here. I will be posting once or twice a month, and the other contributors are all fantastic teachers, so give it a look if you are interested. I'm excited to be able to blog in depth about piano teaching, one of my favorite things in the world.