Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dorian the snow shoveler

Dorian is 18 months old now, and he is starting to take his responsibilities very seriously. He is especially helpful around the house. If I get the broom out, he takes it away from me and does the sweeping himself. If I give him a rag, he starts polishing the floors and the cupboards. Whenever we go outside, he grabs a snow shovel...whether there is snow on the driveway or not... He is starting to talk like crazy, although his diction needs some work. Some of my favorite words:
  • oosh (shoes)
  • owm (meow)
  • TAAAH!! (star)
  • datUTCH (don't touch...most often heard right after a meal when i'm carrying him to the sink to wash up)
  • no (snow, or no, or nose)
  • lella (umbrella)
  • bate (break...he's a little bit destructive...)
  • tut (stuck...he's good at squeezing into small places that he can't get out of)
  • aht (hat)
  • ow (he says this one really clearly, as he pinches you or scratches your face)
  • ri-it (glottal stop between syllables)(what does a frog say?)
I could go on. I just realized a word he's been saying over and over to himself (betit) is "presents." He must have loved Christmas. I still haven't figured out what he means by "money," which he says quite a lot. He is such a fun little person, and is getting very creative and learning so fast!

And now he's waking up from his nap, though he has not been sleeping for an hour and a half yet. Think I can convince him his New Year's resolution should be 2-3 hour naps?


CJ and Kate said...

Oh how fun, I seriously can't wait till my baby starts talking,,,aaaahhh so jealous right now :) He's getting so big, he's a cutie

Joanna said...

I cannot believe how big Dorian looks in those pictures! I love the starting-to-talk phase. So fun.

Leininger said...

Good luck on that new years resolution! :) miss you