Saturday, August 15, 2009

StoresOnline and my little acrobat

So, Russell got a new job. And when I say new, I mean one where he is an employee. As in regular paycheck and benefits. It will be an interesting experience for us! He has really enjoyed many aspects of being self-employed and doing freelance work, but is also really excited about the opportunities this will present, and the room for growth with this company. He is doing web design for StoresOnline. Dorian of course thinks Russell's company lanyard is the coolest new thing in the house.

P.S. Look who's getting hair! On an unrelated note (but the pictures tie it together, right?), I was doing handstands the other day (it's all I've got left from my days as a gymnast), and Dorian thought it was pretty funny, and then wanted to try himself. Since then, he has become quite the little acrobat, doing somersaults, back flips (off dad's chest), and even walking on his hands.


Jenny said...

That picture of walking on his hands is pretty incredible! Congratulations on employment!

Kelley said...

Go Dorian!!! :)

Congrats on the new job. Hopefully I'll have good news to post in that area soon, too.

Lauren said...

Is he really walking on his hands by himself!?!

Summer Olympics here he comes!

Carmen said...

That's great. Dorian is pretty much the cutest baby ever and very talented!

Jenny said...

Cute pictures, hope everything goes well with the new job, it will probably be an adjustment but I'm sure it's a really good thing for you guys right now, congrats!