Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

Now that Dorian is a year old, we thought it would be a good idea to get some pictures taken of him. But since we don't have any money, I tried to do my own photo shoot in lieu of paying a professional...problem is, he pretty much either wouldn't look at me or he just wanted to grab the camera.

He is a little explorer. Only turns around to get me if he needs to grab my hand in order to climb up a ledge or down a hill. Our attempted photo shoot kind of ended in tears because I had the camera and he didn't. This is a mild version of his favorite new sad/mad furrowed brow.


Jenny said...

Well...I'm not a professional, but I do take a lot of pictures for my friends, because I have an SLR, I'm learning but I would love to take some pictures if you want :)
Cute videos too, he is such a little character, so cute.

Marie said...

Ok but what if you held something in front of him that he really wanted and then tried to take the picture?

Also pictures #4 & 5 are so ridiculously adorable! Please pinch his cute little cheeks on my behalf.

Amy F said...

We take Ev to Target because they have 3.99 portrait sheets (and a free 8x10) plus no sitting fees.

Lauren said...

One word for you. Target. They don't have sitting fees, and right now there is an online coupon for a free 8x10 and each additional picture sheet is $3.99. (That is how I justified getting the baby's pictures taken.) They are inexpensive, but the do a good job.

You definitely should take lots of pictures. He is just such a cutie!
(he is in one of my favorite stages. . .)

Lauren said...

I think that Amy and I must have been typing our comments at the same time. Great minds think a like.

Kelley said...

But he's sooooo cute! Especially in that last one. :)