Thursday, July 30, 2009

August Cake Giveaway

So I don't usually get into these giveaway things, but this is my friend Jenny and I love her. And her cakes are really fabulous. And her prices are really low right now while she builds up her this coupon. Help promote Jeneze Cake Designs! Leave a comment on this post and paste the above coupon image on your blog, and your name will be entered into a drawing at the end of next week. The winner of the drawing will receive a free cake!!! Drawing will be held August 8, 09. So help spread the word. If you live outside of Utah and would still like a chance to win a prize I am willing to figure out something for the winner. Please help us and let all of your Utah friends and family know about Jeneze Cake and share the coupons too. Thanks!!


TZel said...

I don't have a blog or live in Utah, but this looks great! have a great Saturday!

Amy F said...

mmm....looks good.....I've been craving a good cake (not those store bought ones, but homemade or bakery ones).