Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perfect Day

As part of an exercise to really determine who I am and what I want in my life, I wrote this description of my perfect day. Some of these things I already experience on a daily basis, others are things that I can only dream of at this point. But I thought I'd go ahead and share--sometimes saying stuff out loud (or in writing) lets the universe know that you're ready for it.
  • I wake up at 6:30 a.m., feeling well rested and ready to exercise.
  • The floors are freshly vacuumed and mopped, kitchen is clean, dishes are done.
  • I have time to exercise, shower, and get ready for the day before baby wakes up.
  • I have no problem deciding what to wear because I have tons of cute clothes, and I feel beautiful and thin.
  • The baby wakes up happy around 8 a.m., having slept through the night, and I can hear him talking and singing in his crib for a few minutes before I go get him.
  • There is a peaceful, happy feeling in our home.
  • I am a sparkling, funny, charming wife and mother, and Russell respects, admires, and appreciates me.
  • I am confident, competent, and secure in my marriage and parenting skills.
  • The kids respect, admire, and love me, and they talk to me about what is going on with them.
  • Russell spends a lot of time at home with the family because we have plenty of money, but he is always excited about his work and gets better and better at it every day.
  • Russell is happy and fulfilled, by work, family, and play; he also has time to work on his personal projects (web projects, music, etc.).
  • The kids are happy, and are always learning and discovering new things, coming up with new ideas; they are not afraid to work hard, try new things, make mistakes, and try again when they fail.
  • The kids know they are loved and that they can do anything they put their minds to; they feel free to be themselves; they make good choices because they want to, not because they are compelled to; they respect people and property; they are honest, and they take responsibility for their actions and their lives.
  • We all laugh a lot.
  • I get a lot done, but don’t feel stressed (obviously these things can’t all be done in one day, but some combination of them):
    • time to work on internet projects:
      • strawbabypie (coming soon)
      • wholesome vitality blog (coming even sooner!)
      • inspired tunes (coming sometime)
      • personal/family blog (this is it!)
    • time to work on other projects
      • scrapbooking
      • songwriting/recording
      • piano practice
      • charitable causes
      • Art City Music Academy projects
    • time to take care of the house and garden (and the family helps out, too)
    • time to relax
      • read a good book
      • spend some time outside (the weather is always beautiful in my perfect day)
      • get a backrub from Russell :)
    • time with russell
    • time to play with the kids and read to them
    • time to give service
    • time to spend with my sisters and other friends
  • The baby takes a long nap and wakes up happy.
  • We have healthy and delicious meals, and we don’t over-eat or have to deny sugar cravings.
  • Russell leads us in family prayer/scripture study/family home evening.
  • Bedtime routines for kids go smoothly and they are in bed on time.
  • I am in bed with russell by 10:00 p.m.
  • I am asleep by 10:30 p.m.


Amy F said...

Sounds pretty perfect....totally wouldn't mind one similar to that. Now if only there were more than 24 hours in a day and life went always as we expected it, huh!

Brianne said...

Wow, I felt relaxed just reading about your perfect day! let me know if it ever happens and your secret to making it happen!

Brooke said...

Wow! you wake up at 6:30?

Lorinda said...

the only thing i would do differently is hope for less clothes not more, so it's easier to choose. they all have to be perfect and cute, though. oh, and get a backrub from Michael instead of Russell :). heh.

Buzz Carter said...



You were serious.


Sounds awesome!

June said...

This is so thorough and mature that it sounds a little scary. Now I have to do it . . .write my perfect day.