Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hanalei Bay

After going to the Princeville branch for church this morning, unsuccessfully trying to get Dorian to take a nap, and sitting through a 2-hour attempt to sell the grandparents more timeshare points, we finally made it to the beach this afternoon.

I wish we had gotten Dorian's first dip in the ocean on video...he hated it. You can see he didn't really love playing in the sand, either. He was still a pretty good sport about the whole thing, but I could see in his eyes that he was just hoping it would be over soon. The sand, the ocean, and the sun finally wore him out enough that he gave in to his tiredness and took a nap. On the beach. Russell and I took advantage of the chance to leave him with grandma and go play in the ocean. Cute sleeping baby feet. The gorgeous view of the mountains across the bay. It was awesome.


the lunch lady said...

I am so jealous!! keep an eye out for the turtles by the pier. they are so cool.

glad you all survived the flight!

Kelley said...

Oh, how wonderful! I hope you enjoy every bit of your vacation.

grandma J said...

thanks for keeping us posted.....hope you are having fun in paradise!!!

Lauren said...

Yeah for naps, wherever they may be.
I think I have forgotten how beautiful Hawaii is. I guess it's time to get back.

Amber said...

Stop wasting so much time blogging! You're in Hawaii! :) Looks like you're having fun, even Dorian. Give him a few days and I bet he'll warm up to the beach. He's still so cute!