Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dorian's New Stroller

We got him an umbrella stroller for Hawaii. I guess he doesn't know he's supposed to ride IN it.

We have had a couple of friends offer to let us borrow push-walker toys for him, but I guess this is just as good. My favorite part is that his jeans are falling off.

So yes, we decided to take Dorian with us to Hawaii. We leave this Saturday! I plan on posting pictures periodically during the trip, so you'll still hear from us.


the lunch lady said...

umberella strollers are a must have! hope you, and Dorian, have a great time!

Marie said...

It's ok, at least this way he can push it around and you won't have to worry about doing so yourself. ;)

Pants falling + Dorian pushing stroller = too adorable for words.

Lauren said...

Happy Day! My trip to Hawaii was definitely one of my favorite adventures. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Kelley said...

Very cute, and I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Paradise.

We should get an umbrella stroller. I have a bigger one, but it's gotten broken. Darn.