Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Santa

Russell always claims I don't know how to spend money on myself. He says I never want anything. But I do want stuff:
  • a sewing machine (not a super expensive one, just so I can do mending and make halloween costumes and...quilts...)
  • a magic bullet (so i can make homemade baby food for dorian)
  • clothes! (i need jeans, skirts, and t-shirts that are long enough to wear without a shade shirt. shade shirts were cool before i started breastfeeding a baby.)
  • more clothes (sweaters, hoodies)
  • shoes (i only ever own two pairs of every-day shoes at a time. one black, one brown. both my pairs are worn out.)
  • magical weight loss abilities (so i can actually look cute in my new clothes)
  • books
  • Finale 2009 upgrade
  • T-Tapp
  • a Blackberry, maybe, or another phone/pda that I would like even better
Is it too early to be writing this letter?


Kelley said...

Hope ya get it all! :) Wouldn't that be fun. I never can think of things I want when people ask me. Perhaps I should just make a list as I go along like you did.

Marie said...

I'm drooling over blackberries. I want one but with my provider I have to add five million and one features and pay for them which would practically break my bank account. So unfair.

And they say there are no hidden fees!

Lauren said...

Isn't motherhood funny. I can think of lots of things that I want to, but they always take a back burner to more important things. Maybe I should write my own letter to Santa Claus. . .

Lorinda said...

Who has you for Christmas this year? Cause Santa isn't as rich as he once was :). Oh, and it's never too early. i don't have to make a list, though. all i want is to be finished (and done :) remodeling.

Lorinda said...

my first machine was a brother. that was a good little machine. i'm so glad you include links.

the lunch lady said...

hehe! I love the comment about shade shirts. I can only imagine!

I never could lose weight while I was nursing -- so I think you are doing (and looking) awesome!