Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Tricks

3 short videos. I know 30 seconds is about all I can expect you to watch. :)

Here is Dexter's newest trick. I have a similar video of Dorian when he was a baby. It's an important milestone. (Also, I think Dorian's monologue in the background is kind of adorable. I think he knew he was being recorded and was trying to think of stuff to say.)

Next trick. Yes, I am getting this kid into a gymnastics class. (And I could have edited the video to be a bit shorter, but I thought Dexter in the background was kind of cute, so if you get bored of Dorian just watch Dexter...)

Last one. I uploaded one like this a while ago to facebook, but this one is even better. I just think these brothers are cute.


Marie said...

OMG TOO CUTE!! I bet Dorian knows how to use the computer now better than we do. It's true right?

Quiltgirl said...

so cute. I love the flipping!