Friday, March 19, 2010

Mini Mozart Graduation

At the end of January, Dorian graduated from his Mini Mozart class at the Art City Music Academy.

He loved playing the drums. His cute teacher, Miss Laura, is sitting next to the keyboard, and the other mom is a girl I grew up with in Kaysville, who just happened to enroll in the same class! They played with lots of rhythm instruments. Dorian loved to dive through the hoop! He was a pro at the keyboard. I just liked this picture of his cute face. He was so proud to get his certificate of completion! He loved getting a sticker on his hand at the end of class each week.

This semester he has moved on to Toddler Tunes and is already loving it!


Kelley said...

Go Dorian! That's a pretty cool thing that you're doing with him.

Who is that other girl? Do I know her?

Jenny Bay said...

How fun!! Sounds like an awesome program.

R and A said...

That is so cute. What a fun program.