Friday, January 30, 2009

Music Classes for Kids

I think he's about ready to start lessons, what do you think?

Actually, I'm not kidding. We are hoping to start his first music class next week. It's called Mini Mozart and is taught at the Art City Music Academy. They have music classes in Springville, Orem, American Fork, and Draper for children ages 6 months to 10 years. Parents participate with their children, and the kids learn developmentally appropriate skills. In the youngest classes, they do things like movement to music, playing on rhythm instruments (drums, tambourines, maracas, bells), singing, and learning to wiggle their fingers on the keyboard. By the time they are 3, they are doing imitative rhythm and keyboard exercises, as well as beginning to recognize musical symbols. Besides these musical skills, they are also learning socialization skills such as sharing, taking turns, following a routine, putting things away, and just having fun with other kids.

The 5-10 year-old classes are piano classes, where they learn to read music and apply all their musical knowledge to playing actual pieces. The classes are designed to accommodate students who have been in the program for years, or beginners who have never had any musical experience.

Sorry, is this sounding like a sales pitch? I've been teaching at this Academy for almost 10 years, and I really believe in the program. If you want your kids to be serious about music, this is the place to go. If you just want your kids to have a fun, enriching experience that will aid them in learning important life skills, this is the place to go.

Besides all that, I am hoping someone with a baby (6-17 months) will want to do the Tuesday morning (10:45) class in Springville with me...and will want to give me and Dorian a ride... :)

class schedule
info on tuition and fees
frequently asked questions
myths about group music study


Marie said...

This definitely sounds quite awesome for Dorian to start. Plus it'll be fun to do this with him! He apparently seems to love it. :)

Lorinda said...

so cute. i wish we lived by each other. you could take my car. i should start Karlee now, huh?

Ashley said...

I would totally do it with you, I just don't know if we can afford it right now. How much is it?

Kelley said...

Now that is absolutely adorable. I hadn't thought of doing that with Rachel. We'll be trying that out today. The classes sound great! Too bad we're 1100 miles away. :)

Lauren said...

My boys took music classes through a program called Kindermusik. We started taking Connor when he was 4 or 5 months up old, and took both boys until we got into preschool. That program used music to develop language, social skills, mental and physical development. We LOVED it!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat. What a good time to spend together. Have fun!!!

Chaka said...

Art City is amazing. They were able to take my kids (who have my music genes) and turn them into musicians. That is no small task. They have gotten so good that I even enjoy hearing them practice. I just hope that you are not starting Dorian too late. With time he might catch up to the other kids his age.

Katie said...

You have no idea how much I wish I could come take the ACMA class with you! I think the ACMA needs to start a distance education program, or open a satellite office in Boston!