Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stocking Dilemma

So...I made these stockings last year:
Russell and I both really like blue. Our Christmas tree is all decorated in blue, silver, and gold. Anyway. My problem is that now I need to make a stocking for Dorian, and I can't find any fabric that coordinates with the original stockings. It doesn't have to be blue (in fact, I'd like it not to be), but it has to not clash. You know? Here is a close-up of the fabric pattern: I got it at that cute little fabric shop up at Gardner Village. I guess maybe I need to go there again to see if they have red or green versions of this same pattern. And buy enough this time to last through however many kids there might be in the future...But in the meantime, I just thought I would throw it out there and ask if you have any recommendations on great fabric stores or quilt shops that I should try out.

Also, just one more toothy smile:


Ashley said...

Hey, I've actually been wanting to go to Gardner Village sometime in the next couple of weeks. We could totally just go up and play and you could look for the fabric! Super cute stockings, by the way. I had the same kind of dilemma with Lincoln's stocking, but eventualy found stuff so his could match ours, and I bought extras for later,too.

Lorinda said...

so i totally bought enough stockings for all the future children i might possibly have, that is... after i decided that i would never use any of the stockings i started to make the first time because i way underestimated what the size needed to be. anyway, buying enough is one option... if you are into storing stuff. or you could just try to find a coordinating fabric when you get another baby or you could make all the stockings and then change your decorating scheme... you probably won't do that at this point, though. you know what you like. how come you and Carol like blue so much? not that it isn't nice, but you know how Mar and i feel about red. i want to come see your tree and your baby.

Kelley said...

I wish I could see him, too. I guess the pictures will have to do for now. He's absolutely adorable, Bonnie! And I LOVE his little grins. He and Rachel would get on great together. :)

Good luck with the stockings. I must say that it is very nice knowing that I'm done in the baby making department, but that doesn't help me in getting all the stockings done this year either.

Lauren said...

I made one for Jeremy and I and then when Connor came a round I made two more so I would be a step ahead. I guess if we have any more children I'll have to make a few more. I just found fabric that looked good with the first two stockings I made. Plus, you know I am a color freak, I tried to stay within my Christmas decoration color scheme. So, maybe you find a fabric that has silver or gold in it. (My color scheme is red, gold, brown, and white with touches of green. . .) Good luck!

Hey, you guys don't have BYU ornaments, do you? Is that where the love of blue comes from?

Amy F said...

Growing up we all had coordinating stockings - but all with different fabric. But my mom often used the scraps of another person's stocking to make the top of another.

But could you find fabric to match the top of your blue stockings? (Silver, right?). Maybe you could make the bodies of the new stockings out of that and then add blue embellishments or something....cording, sequins, any leftover scraps of the blue from yours, etc. (If you still wanted to go with a blue and silver theme, that is).
But I'll keep my eyes open for you.

Chaka said...

That is a cool fabric and I have never seen blue Christmas stockings but I really like them. We have run out of matching stockings every couple years each time we have a baby. I would suggest just finding an entire bolt of that fabric in case you decide to have 9 kids.

Amber said...

I have absolutely no useful information about sewing anything, but I just had to say how adorable Dorian is. And so happy!