Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dorian's Blessing

Russell blessed Dorian on August 31. I thought he looked very handsome in his white shirt and khakis.

After the blessing, we invited our families over to our house for lunch. There were about 35 people, and surprisingly, our living room/kitchen accommodated them quite well. It was crowded but not so that we were tripping over each other or anything. I made bbq pork sandwiches, and thankfully all my sisters brought sides and both sets of parents brought dessert. The whole event made me feel like a grownup, but also gave me a lot of admiration for my parents who regularly feed groups this big, whenever we all feel like dropping in.

My nephews, Will and J.D. Aren't they cute?

More nephews, goofing off outside. Dorian is the 25th grandchild and 18th grandson on my side. He is the first on Russell's side.

Beautiful nieces, Meg and Karlee.

My sister Lorinda, holding Dorian while Karlee looks on. She was being very sweet with the baby.

Speaking of beautiful nieces, here is Rose with Dorian. She is a freshman at BYU now, so hopefully we will get to see a lot of her.

Yet another--my niece Claire and her husband Ben. Ben is my age, and loves to call my husband (3 years younger) "Uncle Russell." Funny. I can't remember what he was ranting about in this picture.

Somehow I managed to not get any pictures of many of the people that were there--Russell's parents and grandparents, my parents, most of Russell's siblings, my sister Marilee....I did get this picture of Dallin and Ginelle (in her cute cherry dress).

Can you see how much Dorian looks like my sister Carol?

Here are all the priesthood who participated in blessing Dorian. What great men he has to look up to. Nathan Jack, Allen Jack, Ben Baird, Grandpa Gailey, Russell, John Hopper, and Michael LeFevre.

Mom, Dad, and Dorian at the end of the day. Poor little guy was exhausted from entertaining all his guests.


Ashley said...

Looks like a fun day! I'm glad to see someone else who didn't dress their baby all in white for his blessing. We get to bless Lincoln in a few weeks and he's going to wear a shirt and tie. Dorian is adorable. Hope you guys are having fun with him. We should get together sometime!

Marie said...

He's so cute! All dressed up like a little man!

Beckalita said...

I read the first line before I saw the picture. I thought you were talking about how cute RUSSELL was in his white shirt and khakis. I don't know why that's funny. It just is.

Amy F said...

You were lucky to fit all your family and friends into your house. When we blessed our little one we were in a condo. It wouldn't have been bad if the guests could all fit on top of each other - the ceilings were really tall - but instead our guests impersonated sardines and even had to sit on the floor in the hall. (Outdoors wasn't an option either since it was the first week of March. Brrrr....)

Lauren said...

What a cute little family. It sounds like it was a great day. It is always fun to have the family ALL together.

quiltgirl said...

Cute pix. Can i even leave this comment if i don't have my own blog here? can i get an email telling me when you update your blog?