Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is My Life

(Click for larger view)

This was supposed to be a throw-away photo, one that Russell took while trying out his new umbrellas and 85mm lens (we opened Christmas early). But it turned out to be such a perfect portrait of my life right now.

Dexter has just finished eating and is happy as can be (click on the photo twice to see the bubble on his tongue). I think this is his first smile we have captured in a photo.

Dorian is insistent about sitting in my lap ("I wanna be two boys"). His hair is crazy, he's not wearing pants, and he's a little awed by the new camera equipment his dad is playing with (bee-lellas!).

I'm a little mad, a little tired, a little fat, and a little depressed, but I really do love cuddling with my two boys.

This is my life, and its...good.